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Predict the Blues’ record in November, win a Louie bobblehead

Pants are optional.

A little while ago, we posted about the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s latest Blues bobblehead. Despite the fact that, as usual, Louie is not wearing any pants (the producer of these, FOCO, are very dedicated to realism), folks seemed to like his precarious positioning on top of the Gateway Arch.

So, how about we give one of these guys away?

Be the first comment here in the comments section to correctly predict the Blues’ record for the month of November, and one will be sent your direction. The Blues have fifteen games this month, the first of which is Wednesday night. Your guess is as good as ours as to how this month’ll shake out, but it’d be nice if it were a longer repeat of what October gave us.

Happy crapshooting! With players bouncing onto and off of the Covid-19 protocol list, the team’s record could be a big shrug - but when someone’s gone down, the Blues have done a great job of stepping up.