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Happy Thanksgiving from St. Louis Game Time

Go grab another slice of pie. You deserve it, Blues fans.

NHL: NOV 22 Golden Knights at Blues

This has been a unique, uneven season of hockey for the Blues. Last night’s 4-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings was a microcosm of how well the team can play when they put their mind to it, and also how poorly they can execute if they really want to.

It’s a great metaphor for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone gets excited for the beautiful bird, and then someone comes along and burns the top of the pumpkin pie, and the whole table yells at Marco Scandella for it.

Ahh, new traditions.

We here at St. Louis Game Time are, as always, thankful for all of our readers. Thank you for sticking with us through two very odd seasons filled with interruptions, hiccups, quarantines, new players, old new players, and all of the excitement that entails.

We hope that you continue to make us part of your Blues coverage. We may not always have the inside scoop, but we have personality, dammit.

Our hopes are for a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and if the Blues couldn’t beat Detroit last night, that they put up at least six against the Blackhawks tomorrow.