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Blues/Kings Recap

Despite an awful third period, the Blues salvage a point in their final regular season game against LA.

St Louis Blues v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Blues started their four game road trip in L.A. Jordan Binnington got the nod for the Blues. Jonathan Quick was in net for the Kings.

We pick up the action in the second period. With the Blues on the power play, Brayden Schenn scored to give the Blues their only lead of the night. Schenn won the face off and headed towards the middle of the ice. Meanwhile, Vladimir Tarasenko fired a one timer on net. Quick gave up a juicy rebound that Schenn was right there to fire back on net. Quick couldn’t make the second stop and boom 1-0 Blues.

The third period was not the strongest period for the Blues. The Kings tied the game at one thanks to a goal from Arthur Kaliyev. Kale Clague (This has to be a cover up name for something else right?) made a perfect pass to Kaliyev in the middle of the ice. Kaliyev then skated the puck into the zone and fired a shot. Binnington couldn’t catch up to the piss missile off of Kaliyev’s stick. Boo.

Things got worse for the Blues as the Kings ended up taking a one goal lead. With 7:45 left in the game Adrian Kempe scored. Binnington was able to make the initial save on Alex Iaffalo. Binnington wasn’t able to cover the puck. Iaffalo controlled the puck behind the net. Kempe was there to bank in the Iaffalo pass into a wide open goal. Oof.

Torey Krug tied the game with just 7.1 seconds left. Binnington was pulled. The Kings were technically on a power play. The teams were skating four aside. The Kings could have iced the game just moments before, but can’t hit an open net. Jordan Kyrou skated the puck in. Tarasenko fired another hard shot on Quick and Quick gave up another rebound. Kyrou got the loose puck and tried to center it. The puck bounced around and ended up on Krug’s stick. He fired the puck on goal and scored. The Blues stole a point in the final seconds of this one.

In dying seconds of overtime the Kings almost won the game. Jordan Binnington had other ideas...

The Kings would win it in the skills portion of the contest.

The Blues fall to 6-1-1 on the year. Some final numbers of the game...Shots on goal were 35-35. The Kings had the advantage on faceoffs winning 58.6 percent of them. (Please come back soon 90) The Blues penalty kill was perfect killing off all 4 of the Kings power plays whether they were bullshit or not. (I mean how in the holy blue hell was that goalie interference on Brandon Saad?) The Blues blocked 20 shots. The Blues are done with the Kings Cartman and whatever train they stole their goal horn from. Next up for the Blues is the Sharks tomorrow night. Well technically it’s tonight at 9:30.

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I would argue that tonight was probably his best game as a Blue. Even without the goal.

Feast or famine with this team?

Milestone for 57.