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Grab a Vladi t-shirt from BreakingT and help support the STL Area Foodbank!

It’s getting close to the holidays, just sayin’.

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With the holiday season fast approaching, some of you guys may be looking for presents for friends, family, or yourself - or all three. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving (goals)?

BreakingT has a new NHLPA licensed shirt for the Vladimir Tarasenko fan in your life. A healthy Vladi is a happy Vladi, and he seems to be very healthy and very happy right now. Will he be around with the Blues for the rest of the season? Will he and the team reconcile for the last year of his contract, at least? Who knows. But will this shirt bring a smile to a Blues’ fan’s face if they see it wrapped up for their winter holiday of choice? Duh.

As in the past, 12.5% of all sales will be going to the St. Louis Area Foodbank. The holiday season is a tight time for many of our local families, and with Thanksgiving coming up as well, many of your neighbors’ budgets will be stretched. We’ve raised money for them in the past that has helped feed many St. Louisans in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s keep that trend of giving going.