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Blues at Lightning GameDay Thread: Covid cap crunch strikes again

The Blues are having some issues with cap compliance thanks to Binnington’s Covid-19 diagnosis.

St Louis Blues v Tampa Bay Lightning

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that Ville Husso has a good game tonight, because the Blues’ backup had a morning skate this morning with his “beer league.”

Welcome to Kyle Conin. Enjoy your NHL experience and may it only be during the warm-ups and designing kick-ass masks for other goalies, at least for tonight.

“It’s really cool, it’s what you dream of as a kid every day,” Konin added. “For one night at least, I get to live (being in the NHL) with my family and friends. My close family is going to buy tickets and come to the game. It almost feels like how you see on TV when someone makes their NHL debut and their whole family goes to the game, that’s kind of what this is feeling like right now.”

Have fun out there, and let’s all hope that the former Bolts he plays with have given him some pointers on the current roster.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you’re maybe a little bit jealous of Konin tonight.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.