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Buy a Charlie Lindgren t-shirt from BreakingT and help your neighbors

A percentage of every sale goes to helping those impacted by this month’s tornadoes.

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It’s five days away from Christmas, so this would be more of a New Year’s Eve present for that lucky Blues fan in your life, but leave it up to BreakingT to immortalize the Blues’ most recent goalie controversy/outstanding quote.

Charlie Lindgren has been tearing it up, going a perfect 5-0-0 so far with the Blues and carrying the team through a rough patch with aplomb. The current king of 1980s facial hair dropped a quote for the ages in his post-game interview after the team’s victory over the Montreal Canadiens on December 11th. It was simple, and it summarizes how we all feel about this team fighting through this mess:

Frickin’ A, right?

It’s so multipurpose, applied to the Blues or not.

BreakingT whipped up a design celebrating Lindgren’s honesty about everything going on with this team right now, and you can grab one for a good cause.

Twelve and a half percent of every sale of each hoodie or t-shirt will go to the United Way of Greater St. Louis. They have recently launched a disaster recovery fund specific to helping the area recover after the devastating storm outbreak earlier this month. A hundred percent of all contributions to the fund go to help your neighbors in need who were impacted by the storm system, as well as your neighbors who could use a helping hand this holiday season. If you don’t purchase a shirt, please consider donating.

To help our neighbors in Kentucky who were badly hit by the same tornado system, please consider giving this holiday season to Feeding America Kentucky. Feeding America does fantastic work nationwide, and their Kentucky chapter is slammed right now trying to provide for those hardest hit by that storm system.