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Aside from the newest covid cases, it looks like the Blues are almost healthy

The extended Christmas break did the battered team some good.

Anaheim Ducks v St Louis Blues Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

A little rest can do a body good, it seems. Aside from the four newest members of the NHL’s Covid-19 protocol (one of whom was already on IR), the line-up looks pretty recovered and, if not returning tomorrow, are very close to returning.

Here’re today’s practice lines, from Lou Korac:

If you’ve been following along with Korac, Tom Timmerman, or Jim Thomas today, you’ll notice lots of positive news coming out of today’s skate. As of today, the only two players who won’t be back tomorrow are Ville Husso and Brayden Schenn. Sundqvist is a game time decision, and if unable to go, the Blues will have to recall someone.

Assuming Sunny is fine to return, that means the Blues will have (of course, aside from the covid crew) only one forward out. They will have a healthy defense, and they will have healthy goaltending.

It’s an actual, bona fide miracle that, after the league’s had to suspend play for extra days and that half of the NHL is playing rosters full of AHL players tonight, that the Blues of all teams are the healthy ones.

I do use that term loosely, but the Blues would rather be down Schenn and Husso than both goaltenders and half of a lineup like Tampa Bay. Been there, done that, and BreakingT made a t-shirt (for charity!).