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Have views on the Blues? St. Louis Game Time is looking for you!

If you have things to say, this is the place to say them.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Florida Panthers Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Do you enjoy analytics, but your friends and co-workers prefer the eye test?

Do you have deep-seeded feelings about how the Blues need to manage the salary cap, but no one to listen to you talk about it?

Do you have a sharp, cynical sense of humor about sports that only a long-term Blues fan can develop?

Do you enjoy writing about just about any aspect hockey?

Have we got a gig for you.

St. Louis Game Time would love to give fans an opportunity to write about the Blues however they want to write about them. We’re looking for opinion/analytics writers, and are currently accepting whatever counts for an application on the internet (do people apply for writing on a blog? Who knows!).

If you are interested in contributing to GT, please send an e-mail, writing sample, a resume that pertains to your writing or experience in sports media (absolutely NOT REQUIRED) to hildymacgt at We would love to have you.

To clarify and to be up-front, this is not a paid position from SB Nation or Vox Media. The most that we can offer is an outlet for a hobby and a chance to talk to other fans about the Blues and our favorite sport.