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Blues at Coyotes Preview: Change of scenery

Will playing in Arizona snap the Blues out of their slump?

St Louis Blues v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

At this point, what else is there to say? We all know the opponent. It’s the Arizona Coyotes. They’ve beaten the Blues three out of the last four games, one time staving off a last minute effort, once soundly, and once via a last half-second goal and a shootout.

The Blues could’ve easily won their last game Monday night. Honestly, they could’ve won their game back on February 4th, too. Some more sustained effort, and the season series is 3-1 Blues. As it stands, with the rest of the West on a time-out until tomorrow, the Blues have let Arizona bank points that the Blues need to hang in the top four. They’re one point ahead of Colorado with two more games under their belt. That gap should be wider.

But hey, why dwell on the past. The next three games against the Coyotes begin tonight, in Arizona. It’s practically a new series!

It remains to be seen if the same problems exist. With Marco Scandella more than likely out, and Tyler Bozak certainly out, the same issues exist for the team to tackle that they’ve been tackling for a week.

If this feels like a case of SSDD to you, I think that can be forgiven. If it feels like a case of SSDD to the Blues, well, that’s a problem.

Four in a row against the same team has been tiring. Seven will be exhausting. It’s just going to get worse if the Blues keep playing like it’s Groundhog Day.