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NHL releases rescheduled game docket; Blues have five new dates

One game is still TBD

St. Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images

After seven straight games against the Arizona Coyotes, it’s nice to see someone - anyone - else on the schedule. Thursday night the Blues head to San Jose to give the Sharks a chance to get going at home.

It was fortuitous that the Blues and Coyotes were able to fill their schedules with, well, each other as the rest of the West was on hiatus. It got exhausting to watch the same two teams play each other for two weeks straight without the excitement of playoff hockey as the payoff.

The NHL released a slate of re-scheduled games today (squint and you’ll be fine):

In case you don’t want to triple zoom in, here are the Blues’ games, in order of new date:

  • Blues at Wild: February 11th to March 25th
  • Ducks at Blues: March 27th to March 28th
  • Wild at Blues: April 10th to April 11th
  • Blues at Wild: February 9th to April 12th
  • Avalanche at Blues: February 6th to April 14th
  • Avalanche to Blues: February 7th to TBD

If you’re wondering why future games are being tweaked, it’s to make room for past games that need to be future games. Duh.

Mark your calendars.