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Sharks at Blues GameDay Thread: Blues showing “resilience” through injury

The Blues are battling through a rough patch.

NHL: FEB 18 Sharks at Blues

A sign of a good hockey team - and by good, I don’t just mean technically proficient - is the ability to bounce back from adversity outside of your control.

The Blues, over several seasons of seemingly coordinated injury problems, have gotten this technique down to an art form. There have been brief stretches of stumbling when key players go down, but it never feels like the wheels are totally off of the bus. They fight through the problems and they use their team cohesiveness to make up for the shortfalls that having players like Jaden Schwartz, Robert Thomas, and Colton Parayko being out can cause.

With Ivan Barbashev missing, the Blues need to keep that focus up to make it through the San Jose Sharks again tonight, and then the Los Angeles Kings in the next series.

Torey Krug likes what he sees:

Hopefully fans will tonight, too.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you’d like to see a chance for Mr. Overtime to win one in regulation.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.