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UPDATE: Upcoming Blues/Avalanche games postponed

The Avalanche are having issue with COVID-19.

St Louis Blues v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

UPDATE: The Coyotes will be staying in town for this weekend to ensure that the Blues have future dates open for make-up games. Saturday’s game is now a 2 PM start; Sunday’s game has been moved to Monday and will start at 7 PM.

Tonight’s game between the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche had already been postponed, as have all games against the Wild through next Tuesday. This includes the Blues game versus Minnesota on February 9th. The Avalanche played the Wild on Tuesday, winning 2-1, and they’re now having to quarantine through February 11th.

The Avalanche were already going to be down Tyson Jost and Gabriel Landeskog for the foreseeable future even if their schedule hadn’t been put on pause.

The Avalanche were due to fly to St. Louis for their weekend series against the Blues on Saturday and Sunday evenings. As of right now those two games have been postponed and will need to be rescheduled later on. Thanks to issues related to COVID-19, the Blues won’t be playing until at least Thursday night at the soonest, should the NHL allow the Minnesota Wild to resume their season. If they do not, the next Blues game will be on Saturday, February 13th, in Arizona.

Then again, this is a possibility: