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Thursday night’s Blues at Wild game has been postponed

COVID-19 just won’t leave Minnesota alone

St. Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images

Tuesday night’s game against the Minnesota Wild was postponed last week due to a number of members of the club and staff being placed under COVID-19 protocol. The team’s games against the Colorado Avalanche also had to be rescheduled, which created the Blues’ current four game homestand against the Arizona Coyotes.

Whatever problems the Blues are having with the Yotes, they might want to fix them ASAP. That four game series has become a six game series with just a change of scenery. The NHL, out of an abundance of caution, is also postponing Thursday night’s scheduled Blues/Wild game.

This means that the Blues’ next game is Saturday against the Coyotes. As the last two teams in the West Division without a problem with COVID-19 (fun fact: the Blues are the only American team who hasn’t had to put a player under the protocol), the Blues and Coyotes are scheduled to play each other until the end of time. Or the end of this weekend.

Hopefully soon the team will get back to playing teams other than our friends from Arizona. Nothing against the Yotes, but a little variety would be nice.