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The only team the Blues will ever play again are the Arizona Coyotes

We’re trapped in Groundhog Day

NHL: FEB 08 Coyotes at Blues

The Blues’s games this week against the Minnesota Wild, tonight’s and Thursday’s, have been postponed due to the Wild being hit hard by COVID-19. The only two teams in the West who haven’t been hammered by the virus are the Coyotes and the Blues, so to free up space later on in the season to make up some of these postponed games, the Blues have been shifting around games between St. Louis and Arizona.

It’s happened again.

The game scheduled on April 15th will now be played Friday night in Arizona at 8PM Central. Saturday’s game will now begin at 7PM Central. Monday’s President’s Day game will continue as scheduled with a 3PM start time.

The Blues have won just one out of four against the Coyotes so far. They were half a second away from a victory last night, but a (literal) last second goal and a shootout cost the team a point.