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Monday’s Blues at Kings game has been postponed.

There’s some bad weather in Colorado.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t been watching the news recently, Denver - along with a good chunk of Colorado and Wyoming - was in for a generational snow storm this weekend. Experts rank it one of the top four storms since 1881. How much snow did it leave?

Oh, just 27.1 inches worth. Enough to make going to the bathroom outside a hazard for any dog shorter than a lab. Small children may also be easily lost in snow drifts, so be sure to have them carry something loud with them, like a cell phone with an alarm or a very tiny dog who also shouldn’t be outside.

The NHL still felt, since the Kings were already in Colorado, that it would be prudent to hold their game against the Avalanche last night. The Kings probably wish that the league hadn’t’ve decided on that - they lost 4-1. They’re also still stuck in Colorado.

Tonight’s Blues/Kings game has been postponed due to weather that isn’t in LA. Wednesday night’s game is still good to go. This is the seventh game this season that the Blues have had a scheduling change for, but the first that wasn’t due to Covid.