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Oskar Sundqvist out for rest of season, post-season

This is a big blow for the Blues’ bottom six.

NHL: MAR 19 Blues at Sharks Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If it feels like the Blues have had a lot of players wind up on IR this season, that’s because they have.

Now you can add Oskar Sundqvist to that list of ten players who have visited the injured reserve - and it looks like Carl Gunnarsson has company on the “out for the season” list as well.

Sundqvist was caught awkwardly in front of the net by Kyle Clifford, who was rushing in. Some contact with Sundqvist’s knee was made, and he crumpled to the ice. He could not make it off without help.

This is a big blow to the Blues’ bottom six who, when healthy, are a key part of the Blues’ defensive machine as well as contributing forwards. Sundqvist may be the most consistently vital of all of them.

The motto of this season has been “be flexible,” both with pandemic health concerns and also with injuries. Having players fall on the IR this year is rougher than most seasons due to the truncated nature of this schedule. The Blues have soldiered through whatever’s been thrown at them so far; they’ll keep doing it in Sundqvist’s absence.