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Ducks at Blues Preview: Back on the right track

The Blues are in danger of sliding out of the playoff race.

NHL: MAR 26 Ducks at Blues

If you’re not aware of what the rest of the Blues’ schedule looks like, perhaps it’s best not to look at it. Go on, enjoy your Sunday. Have a beer, put your feet up. Go watch last night’s SNL on Hulu or something (Maya Rudolph hosted - best episode this season). Maybe plant some stuff in your garden.

If you are aware of what the rest of the Blues’ schedule looks like for this season, you know how important getting two points from the Ducks is today. You’re also probably aware of how nice it would’ve been to get two points from them on Friday night. The Blues’ offense, which roared through most of February and March, has gone dry the last three games, scoring just two goals. Yes, they’ve hit some very hot goaltending, but their shot selection has left a bit to be desired at times.

The last two games, the effort has been there - which is a pleasant change from their 5-1 loss to the Golden Knights, which could be best described as the dictionary definition of ennui come to life. They’ve won just two games in the last ten (2-6-2), and those games weren’t all against difficult opponents.

It’s tough to really put your finger on what’s ailing this season’s Blues, but if they don’t figure out what is going on, then this is going to be a difficult April for them. They’ve missed opportunities for wins where they should’ve gotten them. Those losses against Arizona are looking especially frustrating right now. Coming out strong and winning this game today before heading to Colorado next weekend could be the jump start that they need.