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Top 10 Fights in Blues History

There may be a “new normal” when it comes to fighting in the NHL, but the Blues have never been afraid to back down from a challenge.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There’s still a pandemic happening, so social distancing is the law of the land. The Blues and the other NHL teams carry on with their fights. It’s not CDC approved, but it’s okay. Fights provide excitement for the fans and a spark for the team.

Did you know that one of the cardinal rules of NHL fights is that only two players are allowed to participate in a single fight? However, multiple fights can take place simultaneously. The other three rules of hockey fights emphasize how players must drop their gloves when fighting, fights must be performed under mutual consent of both parties, and a referee can break up a fight at their discretion. The latter ensures that no player gets injured or worse.

Enough with the insightful information. Let’s take a look at the top 10 fights in Blues history.
Honorable mention: Brayden Schenn’s fight against Jani Hakanpaa

Two weeks ago, St. Louis hosted Anaheim, and the two teams got feisty. The Blues had a lot of fighting spirit within them, and Brayden Schenn dropped the gloves in back-to-back games. After what should’ve been an interference call, Schenn dropped the gloves with Ducks defenseman Jani Hakanpaa.

Although Schenn has been struggling offensively, he has been paving the way in other ways like sticking up for his teammates. He had every right to defend Vladimir Tarasenko.

10. Cam Janssen’s fight against Aaron Asham

Remember when New Jersey traded Cam Janssen to St. Louis for Bryce Salvador in 2008?
While Janssen didn’t have a long homecoming, he got into a lot of fights. At the end of the 2009-10 season, he led the Blues in fights with 19. At least we know that he won’t settle for a questionable score on the scoreboard.

9. Perry Anderson’s fight against Marty McSorley

Old, but gold.

Perry Anderson got into multiple fights with Marty McSorley, but this video stood out. When Anderson was a St. Louis Blue and McSorley was a Pittsburgh Penguin, things got chippy really fast. Only a fool would mess with a winger like Anderson.

8. Ryan Reaves’ fight against Brenden Dillon

Ryan Reaves is currently in Las Vegas, but he was a key grinder when he was in St. Louis.

In 2013, Reaves checked Valeri Nichushkin into and over the boards with a clean hit and proceeded to challenge Brenden Dillon to a fight. As a result, Reaves finished the fight, but fractured his right hand and lost a tooth. It was a depressing December for Blues fans.

7. T.J. Oshie’s fight with Dustin Penner

T.J. Oshie was arguably the shootout king of the west, but he has had his fair share of hits. Oshie sparked a fight by hitting Dustin Penner.

The Kings went on to win the game and eliminate the Blues in four. But you can’t deny that the Blues gave it their all.

6. Ryan Reaves’ fight against Dustin Byfuglien

Here’s another one of Ryan Reaves’ fights when he played for the Blues.

The Blues led the Jets 3-1 with 10.3 seconds left in regulation, Reaves started a fight with Dustin Byfuglien, and the buzzer sounded. Even if you didn’t watch the game in-person, you knew that Reaves was going to go hard or go home.

5. Blues’ St. Patrick’s Day fight with Blackhawks

The Blues and Blackhawks rivalry is one of the most heated rivalries in sports.

That being said, St. Louis and Chicago literally battled it out in what was called the “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre” in 1991. Both teams wanted the top spot in the Norris Division. They’d met in the postseason the three previous years. Dave Manson called out Scott Stevens to center ice, both teams’ benches were bared, and many tussles took place.

The Blackhawks went on to win the President’s Trophy, but ended up losing in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to the North Stars.

4. Kelly Chase’s fight with Duane Sutter

What’s a fight list without Kelly Chase?

Chase played a tough, physical game that helped him earn a reputation as an enforcer. He recorded 24 fights in the 1989-90 season. He stood his ground and never shied away from a fight on the ice.

3. Tony Twist’s fight against Bob Probert

Tony Twist was an enforcer that most, if not all, players feared.

Twist was like a heavyweight champion in the NHL. He also fought Bob Probert, who was a Blackhawks star. Both players fought a lot on the ice during their respective careers.

2. Bob Gassoff’s fight with Fred O’Donnell

Bob Gassoff was another one of the most feared enforcers in the league.

Gassoff came to St. Louis as a very raw defenseman, but he later developed a more ferocious style of play. He can be described as “scary”. Just take a look at his vicious fight against Fred O’Donnell and you’ll see why.

1. Blues’ crazy fight in Philadelphia

In 1972, St. Louis got into a crazy fight during an away game in Philadelphia.

Bob Plager saw a police officer bring a club down on the head of Blues head coach Al Arbour. This sparked a massive brawl that entangled players, police officers, and fans. Not only that, some police officers tried to snatch the offending players by surrounding the dressing room and recording jersey numbers as they left for the second period.

The Blues Brothers locked themselves in the dressing room, and Bobby never got hauled to the police station, making it an eventful evening to remember.