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Avalanche at Blues Preview/GameDay Thread

Robert Thomas is back. Will it make a difference?

NHL: APR 22 Avalanche at Blues

UPDATE, 2:18 - The Blues are going with 7 defensemen today to hopefully slow the Avalanche down. What additional forward is out? Guess.

Robert Thomas returns to the lineup today just in the nick of time. The nick of time for what? For the Blues to maybe finally put forth an effort to grab the last playoff spot in the West Division.

No one wants this damn playoff spot, and can you blame them? Whoever sneaks in at fourth will have to face today’s opponents, the Colorado Avalanche. Since emphatically winning their first matchup way back up in January, the Blues have lost five games in a row to Colorado, most recently on Thursday night.

Bad turnovers, bad decision making, an inability to put forth sustained pressure... you name the sin, the Blues committed it Thursday. They know they’re committing them, but they just can’t seem to break bad habits that have cost them games against the Avs. The Avalanche are a powerhouse this year, and it’s impossible to deny that, but the Blues can still beat them. When the Blues click, they click. It’s just that right now they’re clacking, not clicking. There are three weeks left in the season. The Blues need to get their wheels back on that track.

Today’s game is a national broadcast on NBC, so plan accordingly.