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Golden Knights at Blues Preview: Just going through the motions

What those motions are is unclear.

NHL: APR 05 Golden Knights at Blues

Monday night’s 6-1 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights had approximately zero bright spots other than to remind fans that the trade deadline is Monday. The Blues are now in fifth place in the West Division, five points behind the Arizona Coyotes (who they only play once more this season), and incapable of scoring. Dragging Colton Parayko back to play defense on Monday was a failed experiment, though you can’t get upset at Parayko for the near 20 minute of desperation game time the team had to play him.

Husso, despite a solid game against Colorado in his previous start, looked like a deer in headlights.

There’s so much to discuss about what has gone wrong with this team, and because I’m tired of talking about injuries and team chemistry and whatever redundant thing has been said in the latest postgame press conference, here’s The Hockey Guy giving a solid breakdown of the team’s major malfunction.

There, now everyone should be more informed if the SS happens on a DD tonight.