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Avalanche at Blues Game Four Preview

It’s win or stay home for the Blues.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Colorado Avalanche at St. Louis Blues Jeff Le-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues find themselves in a position they obviously didn’t expect to be in. The post-season has gone from “we’ll beat them” to “we have to beat them.”

Today, their pre-game position is “we have to beat them.”

Win, and go back to Denver to try to make history. Lose, and we get to hear the post-mortem post-game interviews, and the locker clean-out interviews. What’s the key to keeping the series alive? Is it the refs tightening up their calls? No, it’s the offense actually producing what they get paid to.

Craig Berube had this to say after game three’s loss:

“I liked the game in general. I thought we competed really hard,” Blues Head Coach Craig Berube said after Game 3. “I thought we had a ton of looks and offensive zone time. Got to score more… We got a good first period. Our team was ready to go. Our team didn’t get down off that first goal (by Colorado). We’ve been though this before this year throughout the season. We know we can come back.”

And he was right - the game was better in places than the rest of the series has been. A good first period happened. The rest of the team was not as good, and looks and offensive zone time go as far as your forwards will take you. They’re not taking this team very far right now.

Jake Walman’s probably back tonight since he’s off of the Covid-19 list, but David Perron’s still out. Justin Faulk and Robert Bortuzzo are also out tonight.

Will Klim Kostin get a shot tonight? What do the Blues have to lose by putting him in?

Berube has mentioned that he was on a Flyers team that came back from a 3-0 deficit to win a series. That’s such a moonshot it’s not even funny, but it can be done. Will it be done by the Blues? They just have to get through tonight and we’ll find out.