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How are you passing the off-season time?

Welcome to the doldrums.

NHL: MAY 13 Wild at Blues

August is never any hockey fan’s favorite month. We’re getting random signings trickling in to scratch our heads about (Joe Thornton to the Panthers? Sure) and the occasional RFA getting locked up (not Robert Thomas, at least not yet). We’re getting news from the Czech Republic, where Jaromir Jagr refuses to retire.

The man is a miracle.

August is truly the longest month for us all. There’s not much to write about, there’s not much to talk about, team sites have gone fallow... and we’re all going a little stir crazy.

Sure, summer’s still here but our sights are firmly planted on October, and not just for cooler weather.

How are you guys killing time between now and the start of pre-season? Are we watching baseball played in a cornfield? Meme-making on Twitter? Making fun of armchair NHL 21 GMs?

How are you guys living your best life while waiting for Blues hockey to return? Share your ideas in the comments. I think we all need a little bit of fun.

All work and no hockey make Blues fans something something.