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Game Time Mail Bag: We’re ready for some questions

Got a burning question? Send it our way.

2021 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

Hey, gang! The offseason is creeping to a close (thank the Lord) and the Blues still have lingering question marks. I’m pretty sure that you guys have some questions as well.

The last Game Time Mail Bag call for questions got some killer ones that made me scratch my brain, which is something that I need this time of year. Neural atrophy because of lack of hockey is a thing, folks. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions last go-round! You guys keep me sharp.

It’s time for another sharpening - send over your questions to hildymacgt at gmail dot com, or tag your questions with #GameTimeMailBag.

Anything is fair game, from “will Louie be wearing pants this year?” to “What are the Blues’ options for bolstering their defense. I’ll run a post (or two!) this weekend or Monday/Tuesday at the latest, so that way everyone’ll have enough time to send your questions on over.