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Blues unveil 2022 Winter Classic jersey

This team’s second Winter Classic jersey continues the tradition of sharp design.


Remember that leak that we saw earlier on Twitter?

Turns out, that was pretty accurate.

The Blues have released the 2022 road Winter Classic jerseys, and the Minnesota Wild should be jealous.

Where the Wilds’ jerseys are busy, the Blues’ jerseys are clean - a product of their different eras of inspiration. Minnesota’s jerseys are a call back to the 1900s, and the Blues’ jerseys pay a direct homage to the 1967-1968 team’s sweaters. The Note has been modernized, and the lines have been cleaned up, but the spirit is there.

It’s a perfect successor to the 2017 Winter Classic jerseys. Both are reminders of the Blues’ earliest history, and should easily sell out. David Perron’s and Ryan O’Reilly’s tease before the reveal should be enough to get people to buy one:

Says ROR:

“It’s sharp, and it fits right in with the history of the city and our team. The fans are going to be very excited about this.”

And Perron:

“I’m excited for fans to see them. I think they will go to the store and buy a lot of them because they’re pretty cool looking in person.”

Ok, maybe STL Authentics might want to punch up the copy a little bit. Judging from the look of the sweaters, I think they were going to sell out regardless of what Perron or O’Reilly said.