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Blues have thirteen national games across five different networks and streaming services

Will Disney’s and Turner’s new deals with the NHL confuse fans?

St Louis Blues v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Gone are the days where if the Blues had a nationally broadcast game, it would air either on NBCSN or NBC depending on the date or the event. Thanks to the league’s new broadcast deals with both Disney and Turner, nationally broadcast games will be scattered over multiple services and networks throughout the season.

On the Disney end of the spectrum, you will find games on ESPN, ESPN+, ABC, and Hulu. If you’re a former subscriber, that service will be (mostly) supplanted by ESPN+. Hulu and ESPN+ can be bundled together with Disney+, so if you wanted to save some cash across streaming subscriptions, that’s an option. Games under the Turner umbrella will be broadcast on TNT; streaming on HBO Max will come later on despite Turner having streaming rights for games as well. This year, fans have five networks and streaming services to choose from; next year, we’ll more than likely have six.

That doesn’t include however in the world you manage to get the locally broadcast Blues games on Bally Sports Midwest.

Watching hockey just got significantly more complicated for everyone, but the league’s making bank, so that’s clearly more important than people being able to figure out when and how to watch your product, right?

Thirteen Blues games will be aired nationally for you to hunt down like Waldo. They’re a good blend of opponents from both conferences, and most of the games selected for national broadcast don’t appear to be chosen for “narrative” purposes.

  • Oct. 20 at Vegas Golden Knights - TNT
  • Nov. 3 at Los Angeles Kings - TNT
  • Nov. 26 at Chicago Blackhawks - ABC / ESPN+
  • Nov. 30 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning - ESPN+ / Hulu
  • Dec. 17 vs. Dallas Stars - ESPN+ / Hulu
  • Jan. 1 at Minnesota Wild - Winter Classic - TNT
  • Jan. 5 at Pittsburgh Penguins - TNT
  • March 2 at New York Rangers - TNT
  • March 24 vs. Philadelphia Flyers - ESPN+ / Hulu
  • April 16 vs. Minnesota Wild - ABC / ESPN+
  • April 19 vs. Boston Bruins - ESPN+ / Hulu
  • April 21 at San Jose Sharks - ESPN
  • April 26 vs. Colorado Avalanche - ESPN