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Factor? More Like X-Factor

Ryan O’Reilly is the X-Factor skill representative for the Blues in EA Sports NHL 22

Colorado Avalanche v St Louis Blues - Game Four Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

Ryan O’Reilly has been chosen as one of the 50 players in EA Sports upcoming NHL 22 video game to showcase a new feature in the game. Superstar X-Factors are being introduced to the series. X-Factors are skills that only the elite of the league have been given to separate themselves from other players. For example Ryan O’Reilly’s skill is Quick Draw. Quick Draw’s ability as defined on the NHL 22 website:

”Gain a high success rate on faceoffs, with extra quickness on faceoff draws, increased effectiveness on tie-up wins, and a big advantage in defensive zone draws.”

Also from EA on Superstar X-Factors:

“The game features two tiers of Superstar X-Factor abilities assigned to players; game changing zone abilities and enhanced Superstar abilities. Each player receives one Zone ability that defines them and a secondary set of Superstar abilities. The actual function of any Superstar X-Factor ability always remains the same, but it’s level of boost changes between Zone or Superstar assignments. True to the game, Superstar X-Factors are inspired by the signature traits the league’s top players are known for. Whether it’s a blistering slapshot, precision passing, explosive speed on the rush or lightning-fast reflexes in front of the net, Superstar X-Factor abilities span all positions on the ice bringing an all new layer of class-based competition and strategy to the game.”

Other stars include Alex Ovechkin who, of course, has a skill that helps on one timers. Like he really needed help with that right? Mark Stone was given the ability to stick check without an infraction. Funny, I thought he would’ve gotten the ability to cheap shot guys without penalty. Guess they’re saving that one for NHL 23. They also gave old friend of the Blues Alex Pietrangelo the elite ability to defend one on one. Which is probably good so things like this don’t happen to him in game...(Let’s be honest, they probably still will)

NHL 22 comes out on October 15th. Be on the lookout for a full review of the game on the website soon after.