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Blues Canada Trip Recap

17 shots on net in a win in Vancouver. An awful effort in a loss to the Flames.

NHL: JAN 23 Blues at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Vancouver Game Highlights:

Justin Faulk and Vladimir Tarasenko both had two point nights. The Blues had all of 17 shots on net but still beat the Canucks 3-1. The Canucks were battling COVID issues and had some guy they pulled out of the stands 15 minutes before gametime in net.

Calgary Flames Highlights:

I had totally thought of doing a full blown recap for this game...and then the game actually happened. For those of you that watched it was a complete shit kicking for 60 minutes. The Blues had no answers and the defense left poor Jordan Binnington out to dry. The Blues had 9 shots on goal in two periods of play. This is the game they put on the playlist of games that are shown in Blues fan Hell.

Next up for the Blues are these same Flames Thursday night.

Tweets from the Game..or Games Maybe?

I hope he comes back sooner than later. The game tonight was a shitshow all around so all the blame isn’t on him...

There was also this decision of not playing Mikkola in the third.

So do it already.

Totally agree with this.

Also this.

Be better Thursday boys. Thanks.