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What is your trade deadline wish-list for the Blues?

The deadline’s a little ways off, but we have some time to kill.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is Monday, March 21st. We have a little under two months left before then - why in the world are people already talking about it?

Two answers there. One, it’s never too soon to go window shopping. Two, the Blues are off until February 10th. Fans have some time to kill between now and then; heck, fans have time to kill between now and the All-Star Game this weekend in Vegas.

The Blues have been a strong offensive team all season long, with solid special teams and a not-a-controversy in net. There are a few notable shortcomings for the Blues to fill... namely on defense.

Do the Blues upgrade on size? Do they upgrade on skill? Is Ben Chariot or Jakob Chychrun a good fit... and are either affordable?

Between now and the deadline, are there any situations that would make you want to sell on either Ville Husso or Vladimir Tarasenko? I’m not tossing my opinions out here - I’ll wait a bit on that - but I am very curious to see what you guys think about the pending deadline deals.

If the Blues keep playing like they have been, a situation where they’re sellers is hard to imagine, but as well all know, anything can happen in a tight division.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.