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Snag a Beach Boys t-shirt from Breaking-T and support the St. Louis Area Food Bank

It’s cold outside everywhere but in the Blues’ heads.

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The temperature at the Winter Classic last week started below zero and continued to plunge - game time photos of exploded Bud Lights, fans who looked like the kid from A Christmas Story in their coats, and frosty interview beards filled Twitter.

What filled Twitter more? The Blues not giving a damn about the cold.

They didn’t look comfortable, but you have to appreciate the swagger. The team kept that swagger rolling right through a 6-4 win over the Wild that night.

It’s ok if you don’t want to face the cold in Bermuda shorts and a Versace shirt that makes you look like the member of Tony Soprano’s crew that Paulie would dunk on. Breaking-T has you covered. Want to save a t-shirt for the actual beach? Here you go.

Appreciate the ethos but still want to stay warm for the winter? They have hoodies.

As always, 12.5% of all sales of either the hoodie or the t-shirt will be donated to charity. The St. Louis Area Food Bank does wonderful local work helping our neighbors. Even if you don’t buy either shirt (or heck, even if you do!) please consider donating to them.