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Updated Game Time Contest: Guess some goals, win a FOCO Arch Series St. Louis Blues bobblehead

Who do you guys have for the opening goals in Saturday’s and Monday’s games?

It’s a little early for the gift-giving season, but eh. Some people give out candy for Halloween, some people are jerks and give out raisins, and FOCO and I are the types of people who give out bobbleheads. It takes all kinds.

FOCO’s announced their latest Blues series, and it features timeless Blues heroes Al MacInnis, Keith Tkachuk, and Chris Pronger - along with the most recognizable landmark in our city, the Gateway Arch. Each 8” tall bobblehead is limited to a run of just 275 figures.

If you can be the first person in the comments to guess the scorer of both the opening goal against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday afternoon as well as the scorer of the opening goal against the Winnipeg Jets on Monday evening UPDATE: That clearly couldn’t happen, so if you can correctly guess the first goal scorer for Wednesday night’s game against the Oilers and Thursday evening’s against the Predators one of these three will be yours courtesy of FOCO, winner’s choice (I’m partial to Pronger, personally). If we don’t have a winner, then the first person to correctly guess the opening goal scorer in either game gets the bobblehead.

I can think of nothing spookier than Chris Pronger at the bottom of my Halloween candy bucket.