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Blues at Predators preview/GameDay Thread

For the second Saturday in a row, it’s an early start for the Blues.

St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

— This was written early in the morning the day of due to a personal obligation. It may not be up to date by puck drop. - Hildy

After a 6-2 resurgence against the New York Rangers on Thursday night, the Blues look like they’ve snapped out of whatever funk they were in for the last four games. What was the key? Was it the return of Marco Scandella? Was it the hard work of MacKenzie MacEachern and Alexei Toropchenko? Did skating with seven defensemen give the Blues the wherewithal to neuter the Rangers’ offense?

Maybe it was a decent start time.

Whatever it was, the Blues should have some extra motivation today. They’re still in second place in the Central despite that losing stretch, but just by two points over the Minnesota Wild. And who is that one point behind Minnesota? The Predators.

To call today’s game important for the Blues is underselling it. If they want to build up some cushioning between them and the teams beneath them, they need to beat the teams beneath them. Luckily for the Blues, they have two games left each against the Predators and the Wild. The key is focusing the steamroller of an effort that they gave on Thursday night full on at the Predators.

The Blues found a way to make it without Pavel Buchnevich, who suffered a concussion on March 8th against the Senators. Making it work without Buchnevich for the second game in a row is doable - the Blues have been sans Buchnevich a few times this season - but it’s certainly more urgent as the season winds down than when it was winding up.

Today’s preview is doubling again as a GDT. Apologies to all, but sometimes life unfortunately happens.

This is you GameDay Thread. Comment like you need another cup of coffee.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.