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Pavel Buchnevich questionable for Thursday night against the Rangers

He was knocked out of Tuesday’s loss against Ottawa.

St Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils Photo by Rich Graessle/Getty Images

The Blues’ flat play has been concerning, certainly, but it looks like fate has decided to male Blues fans reconsider what “concerning” even entails. The team has been surprisingly healthy recently (Oskar Sundqvist notwithstanding), but that streak of good luck has come to an end courtesy of a hit to the head from Austin Watson.

As Hyman points out, there was no penalty on the play and there hasn’t been any sign of the potential for supplemental discipline, either. Watson’s shoulder very clearly makes direct contact with Pavel Buchnevich’s head, and Buchnevich spent the rest of the game in concussion protocols.

If you were keeping your fingers crossed that this was going to be just something simple, uncross them.

The “may not play” is more than likely Berube being judicious. Hits to the head aren’t anything to scoff at and teams, thankfully, are more prone to be safe than sorry when it comes to holding players out short or long term.

If it makes fans feel better, one of the injured Blues will be returning tomorrow. Berube mentioned to the Post-Dispatch’s Tom Timmermann that Marco Scandella should be set to return tomorrow night.

In case you’re one of the fans worried about the team’s malaise, that bit of news should... do very little to make you feel better about tomorrow night’s game.