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Blues fans shouldn’t get too attached to players

Hockey players rarely retire with the team that drafts them.

Philadelphia Flyers v St Louis Blues Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

Caitlin: Most Blues fans, myself included, have at least one favorite player. It can be hard to not get attached to that player, but as this past trade deadline showed when the Blues traded fan-favorite Oskar Sundqvist to the Detroit Red Wings, fan favorite players can be traded away at any time.

Ana: I agree with Caitlin 100%.

In mid-February, I wrote an article titled: “Will Oskar Sundqvist bounce back in the second half?” After that, I wanted to write an article titled: “It’s not time to give up on Oskar Sundqvist just yet.” And just like that, before I could write it, Sundqvist was traded to Detroit on March 21st.

Caitlin: To be honest, Sundqvist wasn’t in my top five favorite Blues players list, but he was in my top ten. I don’t mean to sound like a homer, but it’s still sort of hard to see him in red and white. He looked better in blue and gold.

I agree 100% with Ana on this. It stung when the Blues traded him and kind of still does, as he and Jake Walman were two of my favorite players on the Blues besides Colton Parayko, who will always be my favorite player.

Ana: Jordan Binnington is (or was, depending on how y’all see him) a fan favorite in St. Louis. I don’t know about you, but Binnington is one of my top five favorite Blues players. When healthy and/or consistent, he’s a good — if not, great — goalie. He’s still the top goalie for the Blues.

However, I’m not holding my breath when it comes to Binnington staying in St. Louis. I don’t want to predict which Blues players will leave the team in the near future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he happens to be one of those players. The Blues’ defense has been pretty bad as of late. His apparent lack of confidence, self-esteem, etc., may play a role in the team’s defensive woes.

For some reason, I feel like my favorite Blues player David Perron is going to leave St. Louis for the fourth time. Despite his recent hot streak, it’s hard not to notice that he's the second-oldest player on the team. I hope I’m wrong as he has recently been producing at a level that can’t — and shouldn’t — be ignored. But is he really worth a base salary of $3,412,500? The Blues have just $22,379 in projected cap space at the moment.

Caitlin: I'm not as concerned about Parayko leaving St. Louis as he just signed a new eight-year, $52 million contract extension on September 1, 2021 that includes a full no-trade clause for the first six years and a modified no-trade clause for the final two years.

So in conclusion, while it's good to have favorite players, it's also a good idea to not get too attached to any particular player as players come and go all the time in the NHL.