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Blues-Bruins may not be a constant rivalry, but tensions almost always arise when they play

The Blues and Bruins aren’t rivals, but there’s some animosity between the two teams.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins are far from rivals, but these two NHL teams share some animosity. Maybe more than some.

In case you missed it, St. Louis defeated Boston 4-2 on April 12th at TD Garden.

As I’ve mentioned in my last article, Torey Krug returned to the Blues’ lineup after sustaining an upper-body injury on March 22nd. His presence proved to be one of the things that the team needed defensively. He recorded two points (one goal and one assist), along with five shots on goal. He has 37 points (nine goals and 28 assists) through 58 games, as of April 13th. He’s also a +26 rating at the moment.

Krug’s return, however, was more than just beneficial for the Blues. It also contributed to the Bruins’ case of self-inflicted Blues, according to The Bruins made their case early in the game but they eventually squandered their first-period lead. Part of that had to do with Krug’s ability to make Tuesday’s game into a revenge one.

There’s no consistent regional rivalry between the Blues and Bruins, but there are regular-season contests. There were also two Stanley Cup Finals in 1970 and 2019, respectively. That was a 49-year stretch and I’m 28 years old so I can’t speak for the ‘70 one. But, if you watched it in ‘70, please enlighten me about it because I like learning about sports history.
That being said, I believe there’s some bad blood between the Blues and Bruins when they play each other. But I’d say it’s more of a passionate type of bad blood because the NHL’s full of passion and persistence. This league features high-speed and full-contact ice hockey for 60 minutes in each one of their games.

The Blues have a chance to beat the Bruins again on April 19th in Enterprise Center at 7:00 pm CST.

Until then, I’ll leave this video here for your entertainment.