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Blues clinch Stanley Cup Playoff spot with win over Wild

The Wild forced overtime but Brayden Schenn made sure the Blues sealed the deal.

Minnesota Wild v St Louis Blues Photo by Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images

You could be forgiven if you were concerned about the outcome of today’s game against the Minnesota Wild. After springing to a 5-1 lead, the Blues allowed four third period goals to the Wild. Their propensity for not always playing a full 60 minute game is one thing; the team’s record in extra time is another.

Brayden Schenn’s winner snapped Blues fans right out of their worry and right into playoff mode.

With today’s 6-5 win, the Blues are one point ahead of the Wild for second in the Central Division and have clinched a playoff berth for the fourth season in a row, and 45th in franchise history. They’re also going to finish the season with more than 100 points for the first time since 2015-2016, when they finished with 107 points and made it to the Western Conference Final.

The Blues still have seven games remaining - the next on the docket is tomorrow against the Nashville Predators - so seeding is still a formality. It looks like fans will be in for a treat, though, because odds are high that the Wild and Blues will meet up in the first round for some see-saw action. Buy your TUMS now.