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Blues Big Ol’ Weekend Recap

Blues collect 4 points, a spot in the playoffs, and dismantled a hockey team on Easter.

St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

(Shoutout to the Blues video people for putting all of these together as always.)

Wild Vs. Blues Highlights -

The Blues picked up the 6-5 OT win. Despite blowing the lead in the third, the Blues rallied and came out on top. They also earned a trip to the playoffs with the win. That was 8 wins in a row for the Blues. It came with a price though as Nick Leddy got cut just below his eye. He would not play in Nashville. Joe Buck was there. Neat.

Blues Beating The Brakes Off The Predators Highlights -

The funny thing about it all was...Nashville scored first. That was the only lead the Predators would have in this one. The Blues scored a franchise record seven goals in the second period. Remember when the second period was the worst ever for the Blues? Not so much any more. You know things are going well for you in a game when Calle Rosen nets a couple goals. The Preds should just fold the franchise after having that happen to them.

Brayden Schenn is now up to 24 goals. Tarasenko has 33. Rosen got his first and second of the year. Kyrou is up to 25 now. Nathan Walker is quietly up to 8! This is probably the best offense the Blues have had in years. Screw defense, just outscore everyone. 12th game in a row of 4 or more goals. Insane.

Tales of Twitter -

From the “This take aged like milk” department -

From the “Is that good?” department -

I think he’s back guys.

Feelin’ hot hot hot dot gif.