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Avalanche at Blues Game Six GameDay Thread

Will the Blues be able to force one more game in Denver?

Colorado Avalanche v St Louis Blues Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

It looks like a hostage photo, but I think that we all can agree with the sentiment:

Today could be the last home game at Enterprise Center, or it could just be the last home game this series. That outcome depends entirely on how the Blues play, and what they decide to focus on. Are they going to play the full 60 minutes? Will they let Nazem Kadri back into their heads? How do you stop Nathan MacKinnon?

If they crack that last puzzle, if they approach the game with laser focus, they have it in the bag. They’ve beaten Colorado in Denver twice this series - why not beat them in St. Louis, too, for good measure?

This is your GameDay Thread. Let’s comment like you want another one on Sunday.

Let’s do this. Let’s Go Blues.