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NHL Reacts: Blues Draft Edition

What do you guys think that Doug Armstrong needs to focus on tonight?

Martin Brodeur Retirement Press Conference Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

Tonight at 6 PM Central is the first round at the NHL Draft. While many folks are focused on the growing rumors surrounding Vladimir Tarasenko and (to a lesser degree) Torey Krug, there’s still a pick to make for Doug Armstrong. Army’s been pretty clear that the team is looking at whoever is going to help the team the most, but who will help the team the most?

Clearly the Blues need help on D, but drafting a defenseman now won’t help for a few years. You can never have too many centers, but do the Blues have that taken care of? Do they package the pick with someone for a player - basically, does Doug Armstrong hose someone again?

We asked, you answered: overwhelmingly, you guys agreed with Army. Draft the best available player.

Drafting a center was barely on the radar for you, our readers, but the lingering worry regarding the team’s defensive status still made a blip. Regardless, it seems like in Army You Trust.

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