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Blues prospects headed to Traverse City

The Blues are sending a group of 25 players to Traverse City, Michigan for the annual prospects tournament.

Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues Photo by Joe Puetz/NHLI via Getty Images

Next week, the St. Louis Blues will be sending a group of 25 prospects to Northern Michigan for the annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament, an annual event put on by the Detroit Red Wings consisting of five teams that change from year to year.

This year’s tournament features the Blues along with the Red Wings, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, and Toronto Maple Leafs. It begins on the 15th and lasts four days, ending on the 18th.

The Blues prospects’ first game will be on Thursday, September 15 vs. the Blue Jackets at 2 p.m. with two more games to follow on the 16th against the Maple Leafs (5:30 p.m.) and the 18th against the Stars (10 a.m.).*

All three games can be viewed on the Blues app or on the Blues Youtube channel.

The Blues roster for this year’s tournament consists of players such as top prospects Jake Neighbours, Zachary Bolduc, and Colten Ellis along with six players on tryouts; Davis Codd, Michael Horth, Theo Hill, Maxime Pellerin, Jakin Smallwood, and Roberto Mancini.

Full Roster


Nikita Alexandrov, Andrei Bakanov, Zachary Bolduc, Davis Codd, Brayden Guy, Michael Horth, Theo Hill, Mathias Laferriere, Hugh McGing, Jake Neighbours, Maxime Pellerin, Landon Sim, Jakin Smallwood, and Keean Washkurak.


Michael Buchinger, Tyson Galloway, Marc-Andre Gaudet, Matt Kessel, Griffin Luce, Brady Lyle, Roberto Mancini, and Tyler Tucker


Will Cranley, Colten Ellis, and Vadim Zherenko

I want to wish the best of luck to this year’s Traverse City team and Let’s Go Blues!

*All Times Central.