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Blues Fan Soap Box

Tearing down BenFred's Tarasenko column FJM-Style

In which the writer gives this piece of garbage more attention than it really deserves in attempt to make us all aware that sports columnists and their columns are--by and large--bad.

Blues Fan Soapbox: Same Ol' Blues

Today's submission comes to us from Dylan V. Have ideas you'd like to submit? Send them to hildymacgt at

Apathy and Exhaustion.

When the coach throws up his hands and says "he just doesn't know" it is time for a new coach.

Malaise like this usually gets a coach fired

But the Blues are an unusual breed. A frustrated fan gives his thoughts.

Is it time the Blues #FreeRattie to another team?

With the Blues showing little interest in giving Ty Rattie any kind of ice time as youngsters blow past him on the depth chart, is now the best time to cut bait with him? Maybe.

Looking Forward: Line Combinations for 2015-16

How could the Blues stack lines to bring home a Cup?

A Blues Fan Soapbox: Quit Stoning Oshie

Today's turn on the soapbox goes to Big Burger.

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Dan's thoughts on the Blues and Ice Hockey.

Game Time's DanGNR is up next on the soapbox.

A Blues Fan Soapbox: An Open Letter

This time, our very own Childhood Trauma takes his turn on the soapbox.

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Bernie, Rink Rat Hockey Trolls and Freud

What ills this team goes deeper than their consciousness.

A Blues Fan Soapbox: They Got Me

Today's turn on the soapbox comes from Mike.

A Blues Fan Soapbox: Look In The Mirror

Today's turn on the soapbox comes from Sean Saunders.

A Blues Fan Soapbox: Tempered Expectations

Today's turn on the soapbox comes from Dan W.

A Blues Fan Soapbox: Veteran Presence

Today's turn on the soapbox comes from Jeff Jacoby.

A Blues Fan Soapbox: Hitch? A Ride.

Today's turn with the soapbox comes from Paul Jacoby.

Blues Fan Soapbox: A Change Is Gonna Come

Loyal GT reader Gonzo Steadman takes his turn on the soapbox.