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Weekly Links

Weekly Links - Happy Trails

Links are closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.

Weekly Links - Penguin Elf

And a beer . . . in a tree.

Weekly Links - Six White Boomers

It’s not what you think it is!

Weekly Links - Benoit


Weekly Links - Feed the World

Fork-handles, Golden Knights, and Football Porn

Weekly Links - Santeria Swing

Plus . . . the Blues stopped sucking! Yay!

Weekly Links - Monty Election

Plus some links about hockey and other stuff.

Weekly Links - Old School Gorillaz

An old bent on what’s now an old tune and a whole boatload of other distractions to click.

Weekly Links - This is Halloween

Recaps, a parody, and P.K. Subban as Prince

Weekly Links - Reptilia With A Punch

Plus a shitload of links from the past week!

Weekly Links - 3-0

It means nothing to Vladimir Tarasenko.

Weekly Links - Rocket Bluegrass

Plus some weird ass Vladimir Tarasenko video, Steve Dangle follows around Nail Yakupov, a shitload of links and so much more!

Weekly Links - Rimba Roll

Team USA blows, Phil Kessel owns and other links.

Weekly Links - World Cup of Meh

And more Eddie Izzard!

Weekly Links - Traffic Jams

And lots of other links and stuff.

Weekly Links - Abby Normal

It was a slow week leading into Labor Day.

Weeky Links - Toby Welcomes You To Hell

Rowan Atkinson is awesome . . . and other link-type things.

Weekly Links - The Triumphant Return

...or not.

Weekly Links - Shake Hands With Danger

And watch a shitty safety video.

Weekly Links - Nothing's Happening

The title says it all.

Weekly Links - Dream On

Welcome to the official start of hockey's "Dead Season". Not to mention it's dead fucking hot outside, like, everywhere.

Weekly Links - Stuff and Things

Like ruptured testicles, naked dudes in music videos and things about bronze. And so much more.

Weekly Links - Dancing In The 50's

PMJ might be a bit of an old act now, but they still find ways to innovate. It's so weird.

Weekly Links - O Canada

What? It's the Fourth of July? 'MERICA FUCK YEAH!

Weekly Links - Let's Tessellate

Awards presentations, schedule reveals, signings, draft, trades . . . it was a busy week for a week in which no actual hockey-like substance happened.

Weekly Links - 2016 Sucks

Cool people need to stop dying.

Weekly Links - Stressed Out Clown

And, watch Hank Green roast himself for some reason.

Weekly Links - And The Night Sweats

Nathaniel Rateliff . . . of Hermann, Missouri.

Memorial Day Weekly Links - I Hope You Die

Welcome to your first edition of Weekly Links, where we break in the place by being as ill-organized as we had been already. Don't mind the massive backlog of files in the corner!

Wednesday Links - Caring Is Creepy

I mean, I've heard more false statements. Haven't you?

Monday Links - Offside Challenge

"...and Marx claims it was offside!"

Saturday Links - The Past And Pending

James Mercer makes really good music, if you ask me.