Barret Jackman Scores On Ondrej Pavelec From Center Ice


*sad trombone* That may have been the most Pavelectric thing that I've seen, and I've seen a lot of Pavelectric plays in my time. It was the goal version of him collapsing on ice in the Thrashers 2010 home opener.

Hey, Martin Brodeur. You're watching the wrong game.


Eh, who can blame him? It's not like he didn't hang out with them all weekend or something.

Tyler Myers "Fights" Alexander Steen


The Tyler Myers fight strategy: hold your opponent with your giant orangutan arms, punch him in the head when he tries to break free, continue to punch confused opponent. Seems fair.

Fun fact - Peter the Great was 6'8". Tyler Myers is 6'8". Imagine Tyler Myers running after you with scissors to trim your beard. That visual is just as confusing as that fight.

Kevin Shattenkirk and Zybnek Michalek Skated Today


"Michalek has had a lot of good days lately, so that’s a good sign. Obviously, Shattenkirk is a major player on our team, one of our most important players, and seeing him out there getting closer every day is a good sign."

Olli Jokinen Is Injury Insurance


I have to admit that I like this set-up."Steve Ott: Top Line Center" was about as realistic as "Bert Macklin: FBI." Sitting in the pressbox on a team going into the playoffs probably isn't the upgrade that Jokinen was hoping for when Nonis was working on a trade.

Bortuzzo According To Pensburgh


Bortuzzo’s best traits are easy to see- he’s got size, he’s right-handed and he’s physical.

Thanks to Jim from Pensburgh for his take on Bortuzzo. Sounds like we have a new candidate for "guy most likely to bust his ass."

He’s a decent skater and puck-mover, but isn’t particularly good at either. Same with shot and offensive instincts, he’s not going to bring a lot to the table there.

Defensively, he is OK, very physical, will block shots but has some weird habits. You may notice that he seems to fall down a lot, sometimes willingly, like he’s playing goalie but as a defenseman. Sort of bizarre that they didn’t coach him out of it, but in scramble situations he has some weird habits, and it doesn’t seem to be effective.

But, overall, he’s young, can be a decent #6 or #7 option on the cheap that won’t win a ton of games, but can chew up some minutes and make life difficult for the other team.

Maple Leafs Trade Olli Jokinen To Blues


Anyone have any clue what this is about? Where does Olli fit?

Montreal Canadiens Acquire Jeff Petry


A second and conditional fifth round pick to Edmonton bolsters the defense of the East's best team and takes away a possible stopgap for the Blues.

Trust Hitch, Elliott's Fine


"He was mad he was coming out. I told him just relax. He's fine."

Ken Hitchcock on his exchange with Brian Elliott last night. It was a coach's decision to pull the goalie, who was not available for comment after the game.