This is Ken Hitchcock's Last Season.


"I’m not coaching after this year. This is it. I’m done."

Ken Hitchcock has one more year left in him. Love him or hate him, now we all know that next year this time the Blues will be shopping for a coach regardless of the playoff outcome.

Joel Quenneville Approves Of The Blues Trying For More Hits


"I'm not sure about that comment," he said. "I hope there's some validity to it. I hope he tries to go to 70. It means we got the puck the whole [game]."

From the Blues' Game Preview. Frankly, Coach Q has a point, and I was concerned this morning when I read that was Hitchcock's goal for tonight's game.

Hitch's Fix Is A "Gradual Process"


"It’s a gradual process. I don’t think it’s going to happen overnight. Just build more and more good minutes."

Ken Hitchcock, speaking to Jeff Gordon about the team's recent slump.

How much time does he need?

Barret Jackman As A Predator Is Weird


[Y]ou see Jax and you watch the way he plays and you see his mannerisms on the ice and you’re thinking, ‘He’s on the wrong team.’ It’s a really strange feeling. It’s probably going to take a couple of games to get used to it

Ken Hitchcock chatting to Jeremy Rutherford about tonight's game.

Kevin Shattenkirk Wants To Be A Leader


"Not many people can say that they've been named an [alternate] captain or even a captain in this League.That would be very special."

Kevin Shattenkirk, discussing team leadership possibilities with Lou Korac.

Jori Lehtera Has A Way With Words


"There was like a one centimeter bone chip there that was cutting the tendons like salam. That didn’t feel that good."

Lehtera, describing what was thought to be a bone bruise suffered in the playoffs. Apparently it was not a bone bruise.

Steen, Backes, Blues Focus On The Future


"(But) this dwelling and trying to over-analyze and bring up old situations all the time, it’s not a great use of your energy. You’ve got to use your energy wisely and be positive, and from here on, it’s about getting everybody into the group and making sure that we’re ready for Oct. 8."

Alexander Steen speaking to Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Doug Armstrong Says Robby Fabbri's Fate Will Be Finalized


"Fabbri is probably the only one where the decision is final. The other players, you can make that decision and they can come back in a week, a month, if they don’t make the team. The Fabbri decision, if it’s made that he stays, then he stays."

Blues GM Doug Armstrong, speaking to Jeremy Rutherford on what this year's camp will hold in store.

Jake Allen Is Ready For Tonight


"I think the experience I’ve had this year and throughout the games I’ve played in the NHL the past couple years are paying off."

Jake Allen to Jeremy Rutherford on tonight's start. Make sure you read the complete interview. It's made more interesting by the fact that Brian Elliott was not made available for comment, but was taking his gear off within earshot of reporters interviewing Allen.