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Monthly Wallpapers

Monthly Blues wallpapers for the SLGT community from our own RealBadRobot!

St. Louis Blues December 2014 Wallpaper

2015 is just around the Riverbend! But first we have another month to round out the 2014 part of your St. Louis Blues' season!

St. Louis Blues November 2014 Wallpaper

New Month, New Wallpaper!

St. Louis Blues October Schedule Wallpaper

Its finally OCTOBER!!! You know what that means, its St. Louis Blues Schedule Wallpaper time!

November Schedule Wallpaper!

It's new Wallpaper time! Yay!

October 2013 St. Louis Blues Schedule Wallpaper

Hockey season is back!!! That means it's Wallpaper Schedule time!

St. Louis Blues vs. L.A. Kings Round One Schedule

It's that time again! Playoff hockey is upon us, keep up to date on what your Blues are doing with a new Schedule Wallpaper by RealBadRobot.

Here's Your April SLGT Wallpaper!

This month's features Chopper, so why wouldn't you download it?

Your March SLGT Wallpaper Is Here!

Courtesy of RealBadRobot comes your monthly schedule wallpaper. Never miss a game!

It''s January wallpaper time!

It, like the season, is back! Download your SLGT January schedule wallpaper here, today!