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NHL Trade Rumors

Any trade rumors going around involving the St. Louis Blues? You'll find them here.

Blue Jackets Interested In David Perron

Will the Blues' much-maligned forward be a Blue Jacket by the end of the day?

Philadelphia Flyers Interested In Jaroslav Halak?

The Flyers are shopping for another new goaltender to break. Would the Blues be a good trading partner?

Just For Fun: How Do The Blues Get Malkin?

There's no way that the Penguins trade their star center, but just for laughs, let's speculate what the Blues would have to send Pittsburgh's way.

Could Tomas Kaberle Be A Good Fit?

He's a lefty, he can set guys up, and he was the odd man out in Montreal this season.

Are the Blues Interested In Jay Bouwmeester?

The bigger question should be "can they afford him." That has to be answered before any trade talk gets batted around.

Is Jaroslav Halak Available?

Is the Blues' starting netminder trade bait?

Should the Blues Trade For Iginla? Depends.

A Bleacher Report article has an interesting idea, but the completion of it would either be impossible or set the Blues back for an expensive, and old, rental player.

Chris Stewart Isn't Being Traded

Despite what some folks think, Chris Stewart having high trade value doesn't mean that a trade's going down. Heres/ why.

Is it time for a wake-up trade?

With the Blues decidedly not performing up to expectations, will General Manager Doug Armstrong make a deal to snap the team out of it?

Shattenkirk being pursued by Flyers?

Is the general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers serious when it comes to trading for Kevin Shattenkirk?