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Canadiens Place Tomas Kaberle On Waivers; Should The Blues Kick The Tires?

He wouldn't come cheap, but he'd come cheaper than someone you have to trade for.


Tomas Kaberle isn't a bad defenseman. In the past he's had fairly high assist numbers, as high as 47 with the Maple Leafs in 2006-2007. Unfortunately for him, his numbers have declined since 2010-2011, and he hasn't been producing for the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately for Kaberle, the Habs placed him on waivers today.

Kaberle this season has only played in 10 games, and has only three assists. Last year, in 43 games with the Habs he had 19 helpers (28 for the season counting his time with the Hurricanes), and the season before that he had 43 assists between the Bruins and the Leafs.

Oh, and the time he spent with the Bruins? He also won the Stanley Cup.

Is he washed up? Probably not, but the expectations of the Habs are extremely high and right now they're carrying nine defensemen. One of them had to go; that doesn't mean that other teams shouldn't look at him. He's a lefty, the Blues need lefties. He obviously can create scoring opportunities with his assist skills, and that's something else that the Blues could use from their blueline.

Wade Redden hasn't been a blockbuster signing for the Blues, but he's worked well enough. Acquiring Kaberle could fill a need for the Blues that doesn't necessitate them dealing a roster player, and he has the experience needed to maybe get some of the guys on the roster to listen to him. There's no Langenbrunner, no Arnott, no Tkachuk. Redden and Scott Nichol are the vets on the team; they could use another one.

Kaberle has one year remaining on his contract; this season's and next season's cap hit is $4,250,000, which is more reasonable than Jay Bouwmeester's $6,600,000.

I'm not saying that the Blues should get Kaberle; what I am saying is that if it happens, don't be shocked.