Zach Sanford signs one year contract with Blues

Blues general manager Doug Armstrong is busy locking down his restricted free agents. Robert Thomas is the last RFA standing after today’s signing of Zach Sanford to a one year deal worth $2 million. Sanford’s spent three seasons with the Blues after part of one with the team that drafted him, the Washington Capitals. In those three seasons, Sanford’s scored 36 goals and 35 assists; he also scored a goal in game seven against the Boston Bruins to help solidify the Blues’ Stanley Cup win.

Sanford’s $2 million contract is a slight raise over his last deal, which was a two year contract worth $1.5 million per season signed back in 2019. Sanford is a perfectly cromulent bottom six forward who Craig Berube occasionally sneaks into the top six whenever someone is injured.

Notably, this could be the last season as the whipping boy of Blues fans, as at the conclusion of this contract he’ll be a UFA. Let the bidding wars begin.


Wow, hildy, usually I completely or at least partially agree with what you say...

So "perfectly cromulent" and "turnover machine" are synonyms, eh?

Can’t say I agree. And a RAISE, after this past disaster of a season?

I could think of SO many better things to spend two million dollars on than Zach Sanford. I honestly don’t know how it works, if a signing like this, even for only a year, creates bad mojo/vibes in the locker room, but I would expect that it would—it sets a bad precedent, if nothing else in my view.

can't sign robthom now

well i guess we can, over the cap and the ghost of tarasenko might fix that, but again


not room to sign thomas


Deep breaths everybody! Sanford is not horrible and this is a perfectly tradeable contract anyway… Thomas is going nowhere unless it is for a big name.

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