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2015 NHL Draft Open Thread: McDavid, Eichel, And Everything Else

Tonight's draft will (probably) make the Oilers and Sabres very happy clubs.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There won't be many earth-shattering surprises tonight, I'll assume. Connor McDavid will be drafted by the Oilers (keep him in your thoughts and prayers) and Jack Eichel will get a chance to make this a reality:

The stuff I see on social media sometimes needs to be reposted. #premiersjune26th

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The real fun tonight will be in the trades, if any big ones happen. It seems every year we have the expectation of something earth shattering going down, and it never seems to happen. This year may be the exception, it may not be. But hey, we have you covered if you need a place to chat it up.

Don't forget, the draft continues through tomorrow afternoon, and the Blues have picks to burn.