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UFA Survivor

Survivor UFA: Say No to the Waffle Man

In a league getting faster, why should the Blues bring back a slow, tired old man?

UFA Survivor - No Jok(in)e(n)! Bring Olli Back

Olli Jokinen didn't get much of a chance to assert himself after being traded over from Toronto by way of Nashville. He really should be given a chance to play next year . . . in a Blues uniform.

Should Goc be back next year? This guy says 'no.'

Goc isn't bad. In fact he is outright decent. But the Blues have better options than the aging conservative ho-hum of Goc. Especially if we are going to get all "reckless" like our "new" coach says we are.

Survivor UFA: Goc Your Face Off Winner Right Here

Keeping Goc Gives Four Lines 50% or Better Face Off Winners.

Survivor UFA: Big Z Not Big Enough

Blues Shouldn't Fall Into The Jay McKee Trap Again

Zbynek Michalek, more than just a cool name.

Zbynek Michalek is one of the most solid Blues defenders and needs to be resigned and slotted in the top 4.

Chris Butler, the 'meh'est Option on Defense.

Chris Butler isn't bad, but he isn't that good, and St. Louis fans should hope that we DO NOT need his services next year.

Survivor UFA: Local Butler Looks to Stay At Home

Could Keeping Another Local Kid Be the Key to A Championship?

The Cracknell Should Be Released (Again)

If this writer has its' way, Adam Cracknell should be allowed to attempt to flourish elsewhere. Again.

Survivor UFA: Don't Release the Cracknell??

Versatile Forward Needs to Be Given Chance to Prove Himself in NHL.

Porter is never the best option for the Blues.

Part of our continuing series, we look at the arguments in favor and against keeping the key Blues UFAs. This time we look at Chris Porter. Guess we are stretching the "key" part a bit here.

Survivor UFA: Keeping the Porter On Hand

Porter - noun, 1. a person hired to carry burdens or baggage, as at a railroad station, a hotel, or hockey team.

It's time for Jackman to move on.

Part of our continuing series, we look at the arguments in favor and against keeping the key Blues UFAs.

Survivor: UFA Barret Jackman

Should Jackman continue to be the longest tenured Blue?